Unique living, Dutch style

If traditional housing is not what you are after, you might want to consider some alternative types of housing.

Living on water
In the Netherlands it is possible to buy or rent a boat, called a ‘woonboot’ or an ‘ark’. Please be aware that rules and regulations are in place, and that you cannot ‘just’ dock any boat at a harbor of choice, and live in it accordingly. Please contact the municipality where you want live to inquire about any specific rules you will have to follow, and/or permits that you must acquire if you are considering living on water.

Living in a monument
It is also possible to buy or rent a traditional windmill, or to live in a church. Most of these untraditional houses are marked as a monument by the state. This means that you cannot change certain parts of the appearance and lay out of the property, both on the outside ánd inside. Please consult Monumenten.nl if you are interested in living in a monument.