Rijtjeshuis (terraced house)

A very common type of house in the Netherlands. A terraced house can both be for sale or for rent. A terraced house typically consists of a downstairs and upstairs floor. Sometimes the house also includes an attic, which in many cases is, or can be, converted into a living space. In a terraced house you share walls with neighbors on the left and the right side. If there is a garden attached to the house, it will also run parallel to those of the neighbors. If you live in a so-called ‘hoekhuis’ (the house on the corner), you will only have a neighbor on the one side. These corner houses are usually more popular than the ones in the middle, and will therefore typically cost more than the other houses in the row.

Upstairs and downstairs can be separated
A specific type of terraced house is the type, where the upper and lower floor are completely separated, enabling two separate households to live in the same terraced house. Both floors have their own private entrance and their own kitchen and bathroom, so you won’t share facilities with your neighbors. If the terraced house is divided into two separate living units, we call the upstairs floor a ‘bovenhuis’ or ‘bovenwoning’, and the downstairs floor a ‘benedenhuis’ or ‘benedenwoning’.