The rent-controlled market is referred to as ‘sociale huur’. The rent of a property may not exceed a certain amount of money and may not be increased by more than 4,6 per cent per year (rules apply from July 1st 2016). The amount of rent you have to pay per month is determined by a point-scoring-system that you can find on the website of the Rijksoverheid. As an example, an apartment scoring 40 points may cost no more than 188.43 euro per month. An apartment scoring 220 points may be rented out for a maximum amount of 1,100.56 euro per month.

As a tenant on the rent-controlled market, you may be eligible for ‘huurtoeslag’, a compensation from the state. You can find the requirements on the website of the Rijksoverheid. If a dispute arises between the tenant and the landlord, it will be resolved by the Huurcommissie, which is an independent organ, solely concerned with matters concerning rented properties. The rulings of the Huurcommissie are legally binding.