Living in Rotterdam

Rotterdam is the second city of the Netherlands and is known for its daring architecture, giant harbor and the no-nonsense mentality of the population.

The city center of Rotterdam offers great shopping opportunities, numerous culturally diverse restaurants, and many museums mainly focusing on modern art and architecture. Most of the city’s cultural life is centered in and around the Witte de With area, as well as Rotterdams dynamic night-scene – great for the people living in Rotterdam.

Due to its geographical location right next to the river Nieuwe Maas, which connects the city to the North Sea, the city of Rotterdam early on developed to be one of the biggest ports in the world. It is said that the no-nonsense mentality of the population is caused by the roughness of working in the harbor. The city’s motto captures this mentality perfectly: stronger through struggle.

After the Second World War Rotterdam lay in ruins. It was decided not to dwell on the past, but instead build a city of the future with modern and exciting architecture. Living in Rotterdam now offers a thrilling mix of architectural highlights, such as the newly built Markthal, the Erasmus Bridge and The Cube Houses, amongst others. The city’s many skyscrapers make for a splendid skyline and have given the city it its nickname Manhattan by the river Maas.

The city is home to the University of Rotterdam and several other higher education institutions, so there are many students living in Rotterdam.

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