Living in Den Haag

The city of Den Haag is the third biggest city of the Netherlands and is often referred to as city by the sea – perfect for the people living in Den Haag. Den Haag is the home of the Dutch parliament. It also houses a range of international institutions, such as all foreign embassies, the International Court of Justice and the Peace Palace.

The city center is charming with its many shops, Chinatown and big market places, where people living in Den Haag can enjoy a drink or a meal on one of the many outdoor terraces. The lovely beach of Scheveningen is a tram- or bicycle ride away and offers a great escape from the busy center, with a modern boulevard, many shops and excellent dining opportunities.

The city of Den Haag is known for its lively music scene, especially rock music is popular in the city. Living in Den Haag offers many residential areas, suited for families, expats and students alike.

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